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I feel I can use my experiences and the obstacles I have overcome in my life to encourage others to see that they can achieve their dreams. Despite suffering life-changing injuries back in 2010, I can honestly say that anything is possible. I also firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, no matter how incomprehensible it may seem at the time.

Had I not have joined the military and been blown up, I wouldn't have met my wife, I wouldn't have had my children and I wouldn't be an Invictus gold medallist.

I started motivational speaking in 2014 and, since then, have attended a whole host of events, conferences, corporate functions and charity fundraisers in front of small and large audiences.

I feel that given what happened to me in the army and where life has taken me since, I can help anyone realise that anything is possible if you have the right mindset, the determination and belief in yourself.

When I was injured in Afghanistan back in 2010, I knew straight away my life in the military was over. In a split second, my whole world was turned upside down.

As soon as the discharge came through, it was really difficult for me to adjust to life outside of the army. I miss the lads, the morale. I felt nothing more than just another statistic. I was no longer in that family circle.


My military career is now in my past and I am totally focused on my future taking one day at a time.


A big part of my overall recovery has been being able to talk openly about what happened to me and to create something positive out of it. I am incredibly fortunate to be where I am today and cannot begin to thank those that have been involved with my recovery enough.

Motivational speaking is my way of giving something back that can help others. Since being medically discharged from the military in 2014 I have gone on to achieve things I never thought possible. I could have let what happened to me change my life for the worse, but instead, I want to use my life experiences and the obstacles I have had to overcome to encourage others to see that anyone can achieve their dreams and that it is absolutely possible to turn life-changing adversity into inspirational opportunity.

Life as a triple amputee presents no shortage of daily challenges. Being injured has given me a fresh perspective on life and has made me the person I am today. Rather than let my situation define me, it has made me more determined to achieve and resilient to whatever life has to throw at me.



The only way to overcome adversity is to commit to goal setting.


My journey will resonate with audiences driven to pursue their personal and career goals.

I encourage others to embrace my mentality that helped me - become better, not bitter!


No one is perfect! I fight against anything that holds me back and find a solution. I have evolved to become a public figure of integrity.


From my years in the military right up to present day, I like to share my story to help inspire others to help them reach their full potential.


I have faced tough situations in my life. I was not sure if I would ever walk again. But, rather than focus on what I'd lost, I focused on all I had left.

After hours spent in the gym, I managed to realise my ambition of reaching the Invictus Games with Team GB and won gold for my country.

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